Standing Tall: Yoga for Better Posture

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Standing Tall: Yoga for Better Posture

Feeling hunched over? See how yoga can help you relieve back strain and improve posture.


Admit it: Over the past year and a half, you’ve leaned over your laptop, slouched in front of the TV, and scrolled endlessly on your phone and tablet. And as rough as this has been on our eyes—especially for children—it may also have done a number on our backs. Yoga can help you retrain your posture and reduce back pain. (Always talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.)

Yoga Basics

With poses for every skill level, yoga can be both accessible and challenging to everyone. Yoga makes you more aware of your body position while strengthening core muscles. The health benefits of yoga may include increased flexibility, stronger muscles, improved balance, relaxation, and better posture.

Get Started

It doesn’t take much to help improve your posture. Start off with one or two of these yoga poses to see how they make you feel. This 5-minute daily yoga routine can help you sit and stand taller with less pain and strain on your back and neck. Remember: The more you do these poses, the easier they will be.

Chair Yoga

Chair yoga can break up your workday or add some fitness to your TV time. Watch on-demand sessions on our parent company EmblemHealth’s virtual class library. Or, join us for weekly chair yoga sessions, presented by the ConnectiCare Centers and EmblemHealth Neighborhood Care.

Keep Going

Continue your education with Yoga In Our City. This program offers seasonal outdoor classes in parks throughout Connecticut, plus virtual and on-demand sessions. It’s a great way to connect with local yoga instructors and further your health and wellness journey.

Bonus Tip: Walk Around

Along with your new yoga poses, we encourage you to get moving. There’s no denying the physical and mental health benefits of walking. Plus, you can get away from screens and enjoy some fresh air.