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2020 Access Health CT plans

Access Health is the Connecticut health insurance marketplace. It’s the only place where eligible individuals and families can get financial help paying for health insurance.

Each plan name includes a  ”metal level,” which tells you the average amount the plan pays for covered services. “POS” in plan names means you can visit out-of-network health care providers, but you will pay more. Plans with “HSA” in the name allow you to save money tax-free in a health savings account. 


Metal levels

The chart below describes ranges of premiums and out-of-pocket costs for each plan level.


Metal level Premiums Out-of-pocket costs Plan pays*
Gold Plans Higher Lower 80%
Silver Plans Moderate Moderate 70%
Bronze Plans Lowest Highest 60%

Passage plan

With the Passage plan, you must choose a primary care provider (PCP) from those who accept the plan. You need your PCP to refer you to some types of specialists. The Passage plan offers value with no deductibles and low copays for primary and urgent care visits.

Choice plans

Choice plans let you visit any of the doctors, hospitals, labs, and facilities in our large statewide network. You can also use doctors outside our network, but you will pay more. There are several Choice plans that have no deductibles for primary care office visits, specialist office visits, and urgent care.

*Integrated medical and prescription drug deductible.

**Available for individuals and families up to 250% Federal of the Poverty Level. Cost Sharing Reduction (CSR) plans are only available through Access Health CT, and enrollment is limited to those individuals with qualifying income levels based on income and household size. Please visit to find out if you are eligible to enroll in a Cost Sharing Reduction Plan, which can reduce the amount you have to pay out of pocket for essential health benefits.

***Catastrophic plans are only available to people under age 30, or people 30 and older who qualify for a hardship/affordability exemption.


Standard plans are the same for all carriers to easily compare options across carriers.

Notice of Rate Justification

For ConnectiCare plans offered through Access Health CT, coverage is underwritten by ConnectiCare Benefits, Inc. only, not by Access Health CT.

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