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2020 SOLO individual health insurance plans

SOLO plans include many benefits that help you (and your family) stay healthy -- and get the care you need if you get sick or hurt.  

Each plan name includes a ”metal level,” which tells you the average amount the plan pays for covered services. “POS” in plan names means you can visit out-of-network health care providers, but you will pay more. “HMO” plans limit you to visiting in-network doctors to have services covered. Plans with “HSA” in the name allow you to save money tax-free in a health savings account.


Metal levels

The chart below describes ranges of premiums and out-of-pocket costs for each plan level.

*Integrated medical and prescription drug deductible.

Passage plan

With a Passage plan, you must choose a primary care provider (PCP) from those who accept the plan. You need your PCP to refer you to some types of specialists. Passage plans offer more value with no deductibles and low copays for primary and urgent care visits.

Choice plans

Choice plans let you visit any of the doctors, hospitals, labs, and facilities in our large statewide network and in parts of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York. Some plans have low copays with no deductibles for primary care office visits, urgent care, and behavioral health.

Massachusetts residents

See our plans or call your broker for plan options and information.

*Integrated medical and prescription drug deductible.

SOLO plans

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