How To Get Ready for Your Virtual Doctor Visit

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How To Get Ready for Your Virtual Doctor Visit

Telemedicine (or telehealth) can bring a doctor to you when you can’t go to the office. Here are some tips to help you get the most from the visit.


Virtual visits have skyrocketed since the pandemic outbreak. Your doctor may suggest a telehealth visit as an alternative to coming into the office. Or, you may decide to have a virtual visit with a doctor using Teladoc®, a benefit included with many ConnectiCare plans.*

Confirm details of the appointment

Use the doctor’s website or app or give them a call to arrange a virtual visit. When going through your doctor’s office, ask if they will send you details before your visit by email with a link to click or phone number to call.


Check your tech

Some doctors may use specific software. Teladoc has its own mobile app. Check to see what you need and if you need to install anything in advance.

Once you have the app or software, you may need to register or create an account. Have your ConnectiCare membership identification (ID) number handy – you might need it. You may also be asked to enter some health information before your appointment.


Spend a few minutes to get ready  

Doctors always want to know or confirm this information. So write it down before your visit:

  • Names of medicines you take
  • Dosage
  • How often you take the medicine
  • The doctor who prescribed the medicine
  • The date of next refill

Don’t forget any natural supplements or vitamins you take that don’t require a prescription.  

Then jot down:

  • Any chronic conditions or major events from your medical history, such as surgeries or any reason you were in the hospital.
  • Allergies and reactions.
  • How you’ve been feeling lately, both physically and emotionally. Any symptoms to talk about? When did they start, and how often do they happen? 
  • Other specific questions or concerns you have.

Having this information in writing will help make sure your appointment is a success.


Set the scene

Find a private place, free from noise or distractions, to take the call. Practice with your computer or mobile device so you know how to best position the camera. Tell anyone else in your home that you will be on the call. Ask them to be as quiet as possible and try to avoid interrupting.


Wrap it up before you disconnect

How many times have you hung up and thought, “I forgot something!” So, before you sign off:

  • Look over your list of questions to be sure you got everything answered.
  • Check your medicine list and ask the doctor about refills.
  • Let the doctor know if you had any difficulty on the call and need anything repeated or cleared up.
  • Ask if you should schedule a follow-up visit (either in-person or virtual).

*Some restrictions apply. Check your plan’s summary of benefits and coverage for more information.

Telemedicine is not appropriate for all covered services and restrictions may apply. Teladoc® and the Teladoc logo are registered trademarks of Teladoc Health, Inc. and may not be used without written permission.