Post-Acute Care Program

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Post-Acute Care Program

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Starting Sept. 1, 2021, the ConnectiCare Post-Acute Care program will provide more personalized care to our members who may need it after a hospital stay. Our care managers will now be able to reach out to members, or their families, while they are still in the hospital to proactively plan for post-hospital care. Health care professionals will still be able to work with ConnectiCare nurses as they always have.


ConnectiCare will provide these services to all members with requests for admission to a skilled nursing facility or acute rehabilitation facility, and for covered home health care and durable medical equipment services. Members will also be eligible for transition of care support and care management services through ConnectiCare.


Here are some of the benefits available through the ConnectiCare Post-Acute Care program:

  • Improved continuity of care and care coordination for a better member experience. This means your health care team, including your team at ConnectiCare, will work together to manage your ongoing condition and ensure the highest-quality choices.
  • A simpler preauthorization process so you don’t need to gather medical records and send them to a third party for review and approval.
  • Assistance with difficult discharges. Our nurses will help plan next steps with you and your family while you are still in the hospital.
  • A streamlined process to help make sure cases are closely monitored and timely care is received.

Preventive care

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With your ConnectiCare plan, many preventive services are covered at no cost to you -- no copayments, no coinsurance, no deductibles.