How to Make the Most of Doctor Visits

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How to Make the Most of Doctor Visits

A little prep work before a doctor’s appointment can help you maximize your time and make sure you get your questions answered.


Routine preventive care and doctor visits are some of the most important things you can do for your health. But appointments can pass by quickly. We may realize after leaving that we forgot to mention a specific question or concern. Here are a few things you can do to make the most of office visits.


Confirm Insurance Coverage

Double-check that the office takes your insurance when you make your appointment. You can ask the person scheduling over the phone or use the “Find a Doctor” tool on our website to see if they are in-network for your ConnectiCare plan. Be sure to bring your ConnectiCare member ID card to your appointment along with a photo ID.


What Brings You in Today?

Keep a written list on paper or on your phone with everything you want to discuss. Jot things down as they come to you in the days or weeks leading up to your appointment so you don’t forget anything. Bring this list with you to the office and let your doctor know you have things to go over. Check the list before you leave to be sure you covered all topics.


Mention All Medicines

From prescriptions to vitamins and more, keep track of all medicines you take. You should always have a current list of medicines with:

  • Names and dosages of each medicine, including any natural supplements or vitamins that don’t require a prescription.
  • How and when you take each medicine.
  • Which doctor prescribed the medicine.
  • The date of your next refill.
  • Any changes since your last visit.

Note: Always consult your doctor and/or pharmacist before taking a new medicine, vitamin, or supplement.


Know Your History

We’re often asked to review our personal or family medical history when we visit the doctor. Before your visit, write down any allergies, surgeries, hospitalizations, or diagnoses for you and your immediate family. This will make it easier to fill out forms or answer direct questions.


Ask for Help

Doctor visits can feel overwhelming for many reasons. Talk to the office ahead of time if you need an interpreter or want to bring someone with you to the appointment. Request a summary of your visit and make sure you understand the plan of care before you leave the office. Sign up for the patient portal through your doctor’s office (if available). Here you can easily view electronic medical records, including your health history, medicines, labs, and visit summaries.


Don’t Hold Back

There are no silly questions when it comes to your doctor, and no reason to feel embarrassed. They’ve truly heard it all. Be open and honest so they get as much information as possible to help keep you happy and healthy.

Managing multiple doctors and medical conditions can be difficult. We can help. Call the number on the back of your ConnectiCare member ID card to reach our care management team. They can help you coordinate your care, navigate treatment plans, and much more.

Making a virtual appointment? Here are more tips to help you prepare for a telemedicine visit.

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