Keeping Tabs on Diabetes

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Keeping Tabs on Diabetes

In honor of American Diabetes Month every November, here are a few important screenings we want everyone who has, or knows someone with, diabetes to know about.



  • A1C test: gives a picture of average blood sugar control for the past two to three months — people with diabetes should have this test at least twice a year, depending on their results and doctor’s recommendations.
  • Eye exam: a dilated eye exam once every one or two years (depending on what your doctor recommends) can detect if diabetes is damaging blood vessels in the eyes.
  • Foot exam: People living with diabetes can develop many different foot problems, which can lead to serious complications.

There are other tests and screenings that are important in managing diabetes. Getting the proper care may help prevent or delay complications related to diabetes. Watch our video to learn more and then download the screenings checklist.

Download our screenings checklist, fill it out throughout the year and bring it with you to every doctor’s appointment.

There’s help for those who need it

Many doctors and hospitals offer diabetes management programs to help people understand the condition, identify and manage symptoms, and take control of their health.