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How do I fill a new prescription?

Your ConnectiCare drug benefit gives you the choice to use a participating local pharmacy or order your prescriptions by mail for home delivery by Express Scripts.


Looking for Medicare delivery and refills?

Filling your prescriptions by mail is safe, easy and less expensive than visiting your local pharmacy. Registered pharmacists check every order for accuracy and are available any time to answer your questions - just like your local pharmacy.

With mail order, you'll receive a 90-day supply of your drugs for the price of a 60-day supply. 

Mail order is a smart choice for you if you refill drugs every month and anticipate being on the same drug(s) for six months or more. Note, most specialty drugs are not available through Express Scripts Home Delivery and do not qualify for a 90 day supply. For more information on filling Specialty medications, visit the Drugs Covered page.

Get started on mail order today by creating an online account with Express Scripts. 

We suggest the first fill of a prescription, or a new strength or dose, be filled at a local pharmacy rather than through mail order.

This is because mail order prescriptions are only for medications you are going to take for a long period of time (i.e., at least six months). 

With new prescriptions, or a new dose or strength, you have an increased risk of side effects or other adverse reactions that may cause you to stop the drug or not complete the prescription. So it may be best to fill the prescription once or twice at a local pharmacy while you and your doctor decide if it's a drug you will continue to take.

Also, if your drug requires prior authorization or has a quantity limitation, it can be coordinated more quickly by a retail pharmacy. Please check ConnectiCare's Prior Authorization List and Quantity Limitation List for your prescription drug. 


Drugs Covered

Find the list of drugs covered by your ConnectiCare individual or employer-sponsored plan (also known as a “formulary”) below.


Pharmacy Support

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