6 Easy Ways To Enjoy an Apple

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6 Easy Ways To Enjoy an Apple

It’s easy to grab an apple on your way out the door. But if you’re looking for ways to add some sugar and spice to your healthy snack this fall, try these.



  1. Slice and dip.
    Pair your apple slices with peanut butter, almond butter or even Nutella.
  2. Make a sandwich.
    Slice an apple into rounds and remove the core from the center of each slice. Spread one slice with almond or peanut butter and sprinkle with toppings, like granola, raisins or chocolate chips. Top with another slice to make a sandwich.
  3. Go from crispy to crunchy.
    You can stay healthy while indulging in baked apple chips. Slice the fruit very thinly and sprinkle on some cinnamon before placing slices in the oven. Apple chips will disappear as quickly as you make them!
  4. Slow cook.
    It takes five simple ingredients to make a delicious homemade applesauce in your slow cooker. Eat it as a mid-day snack, a side dish or dessert.
  5. Toss in a griddle.
    You can add a little sugar and spice to your apples with this easy recipe. Warm apple slices pair perfectly with oatmeal or pork chops. They’re also a perfect after-school snack for your kids!
  6. Try a crust-less “pie.”
    Skip the pie crust (and the calories). Use a cored-out fruit as a base for this apple pie This single-serve treat will not disappoint!

“Now I am craving apples!”

So are we! You’re in luck: Connecticut has many pick-your-own orchards. Find an orchard near you.