Sitting all the time? 10 tips to add movement to your day

Have you heard the phrase: “Sitting is the new smoking?” It refers to research that points to the risks of sitting too much.

10 free ways take stand health

Those risks include obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or some forms of cancer.1

Car commutes, desks jobs, playing video games and binge TV watching are some of the culprits. So, get up and move! Even leisurely movement can do you some good. Here are 10 easy and free ways to move more.

1. Walk faster.

Pick up your pace every time you walk. Going down a hallway, getting to your office, shopping at the mall or hiking. Burn more calories, strengthen your leg muscles and feel refreshed.

2. Add 15 minutes of walking to your lunch menu.

Are you eating in front of a computer screen? Carve out some time to walk.

3. Get face-to-face.

Rather than email, instant message or call work colleagues, walk to their desks when you have a question or issue. (It could also improve some of your work relationships!)

4. Dance.

Dancing makes you happy and healthy. You don’t need a dance floor, special occasion or even a partner to do it. Ask Alexa, Siri or your other virtual assistant to play your favorite dance tunes.

5. Tidy up daily.

Don’t wait until the weekend to clean your home. Spend some time every day tidying up. You’ll be more active, have a cleaner home and get some extra time on the weekends.

6. Turn TV time into a workout.

March in place while watching your show. You don’t need any equipment for jumping jacks, pushups, air squats or burpees. They’re great for commercial breaks or for between episodes if you’re binge-watching.

7. Have walking meetings.

Skip the conference room, slip on walking shoes and have your meeting on the go. Bring a small pad and pen to jot notes, or use the voice recorder on your phone.

8. Go public for transportation.

Riding the bus, train or a bike makes you walk more. The extra movement can add lots of steps to your day, plus some time outdoors.

9. Park on the perimeter.

Leave your car at the far edge of the parking lot. Small changes add up. Parking on the perimeter could help you tack on thousands of steps per year.

10. Take the stairs.

Say no to the elevator and climb your way to health. The typical staircase has 10 steps. Set yourself a stair goal each day.

Don’t stand, keep moving

Many ConnectiCare members like to use fitness trackers to keep themselves moving. If you have a smartphone, it’s probably got a pedometer on it. Slip it into your pocket and walk!


Sources: “What are the risks of sitting too much? Mayo Clinic, Healthy Lifestyle: Adult health. Accessed August 5, 2018.