8 good things you get with your ConnectiCare health plan

8 good things you get with your ConnectiCare health plan

Your ConnectiCare member identification (ID) card is your pass to free preventive care* and a network of doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, and facilities who want to help keep you healthy.


Your ConnectiCare member identification (ID) card is your pass to free preventive care* and a network of doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, and facilities who want to help keep you healthy. It’s also got other benefits locked inside.

Could any of the following benefits help you and your family?

  1. Telemedicine – Itchy rash? Worrisome fever? Earache? Talk to a doctor 24 hours a day, seven days a week from your home, office, or vacation destination with telemedicine. Telemedicine doctors can also write prescriptions for many medicines. Sign into our member website for directions to your plan’s telemedicine provider.* 

  2. Prescription home delivery – Members can get supplies of many maintenance medicines through free home delivery. It’s a convenient service from Express Scripts, the company that manages pharmacy benefits for ConnectiCare. You may be able to get supplies that will last 90 days. Set up an account at express-scripts.com.

  3. Help when you need it – Have a health condition you’re trying to manage? Have questions about treatment or an operation? ConnectiCare nurses, certified diabetes educators, and health navigators are available to help answer questions. Call to reach them at 1-800-390-3522 (TTY: 711), Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

  4. Fitness and wellness – ConnectiCare members can get discounts on acupuncture, nutrition counseling, gym memberships, massage therapy and more. Register for Whole Health Living and search for service discounts near you.

  5. Vision wear discounts – Wear glasses or contacts? You may be able to save money on frames, prescription lenses and contacts. Check out the members-only discounts on vision services.

  6. In-person service – ConnectiCare is the only health plan in Connecticut with centers where you can sit down and talk to a person. Question about your coverage? Looking for a doctor in your network? Need to sign up for a plan? We’re here for you! Center locations, hours, and appointments at visitconnecticare.com.

  7. Mental health support – Depression, anxiety, addiction. These are a few of the mental health problems that you or a loved one may have. At liveandworkwell.com, ConnectiCare members can find reliable information, look up local mental health clinicians, schedule a virtual mental health visit, and more.  Hint: use “connecticare” as your access code.

  8. Savings on everyday needs (and wants) – BenefitHub® is a program that lets members buy more than 4 million products and services at discounted prices. Entertainment, travel, day care, and personal electronics are only a few of the categories. To see them all, register for BenefitHub today.


The benefits described above apply to ConnectiCare plans sold to individuals under age 65 and employer groups. Check your benefit summary for information about your specific plan. You can find your benefit summary after you log into connecticare.com.

*“Free” preventive care means that you will not have a copay or have to pay money toward your deductible or coinsurance for the services. Sometimes a preventive care visit leads to other medical care or tests, even at the same appointment. You should check with your doctor or doctor’s staff during your visit to see if there are services you may be billed for.

*Telemedicine is covered by many ConnectiCare plans. If you are covered by an employer’s plan, you may have a different telemedicine coverage. Ask the human resources department if you have questions.