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We’re here for our members. We’ve got answers to questions about COVID-19, telehealth and mental health services, and more. Check out:

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Fill in the gaps with Medicare Supplement plans

Original Medicare (Part A hospital insurance and Part B medical insurance) may not cover everything you need. Get more with a Medicare Supplement plan from ConnectiCare. Learn how these plans can help support your health care needs.

Important Medicare Member Information

When you’re looking for health insurance ...

We can help. Visit for information on plans for individuals and families. You can contact your broker, call us or visit one of our ConnectiCare centers for help selecting a plan.

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Hello, Medicare Advantage members

Visit Register and then log in to find helpful information and answers to many of your questions. You can pay premium bills, check claims and look up details about your plan.

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Can we help?

When it comes to your health, there’s nothing like a little one-on-one help. We can help you understand your benefits and get the most out of your plan. ConnectiCare centers are temporarily closed, but our staff is available by phone. Find a ConnectiCare center.