Longer lives, longer careers. They’re facts of life today. Help your employees over age 65 and retirees realize the benefits of a Medicare Advantage group plan through ConnectiCare.

Why Medicare Advantage

Many employees and retirees are accustomed today to managed care. Medicare Advantage plans from ConnectiCare include:

  • Part A Hospital Insurance

  • Part B Medical Insurance

  • Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

Plus, benefits that help keep employees and retirees healthy

  • Routine care with copayments
  • Maximum out-of-pocket expenses
  • Telemedicine from Teladoc®
  • Optional SilverSneakers® fitness program
  • Hearing aid benefit through NationsHearing

Is a group Medicare plan right for my business?

Offering retiree health benefits through a ConnectiCare group Medicare plan may set you apart from other employers in a hot labor market. And for employees who are working past age 65, a group Medicare Advantage plan may offer them the security they need and the support to stay healthy and productive.

Group Medicare ADVANTAGE

Contact Your Broker About ConnectiCare

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