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What's new for 2019: Updated Medicare ID card for Passage Plan 1 (HMO)


As we mentioned in the October 2018 Office Visit, members with Medicare Advantage Passage Plan 1 (HMO) will have new cards for 2019 to reflect the reduction of specialists that will need referrals.

As of Jan. 1, 2019, only podiatry, chiropractic and pain management specialist treatment will require referrals for members with Medicare Advantage Passage Plan 1 (HMO). Below is an image of the new Passage Plan 1 (HMO) member ID card.

Passage Plan 1 (HMO) id card

Where you submit and view referrals for Passage Plan 1 (HMO) members will remain the same:

  • Passage PCPs can continue to submit referrals through our website,, or through your electronic medical record (EMR) system.
  • Passage specialists can view referrals for these members through our website,

Please note, there are no changes to our other ID cards for Medicare Advantage plans (except the one for our special needs plan) and commercial plans.