We’re sending reminders to your patients

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We’re sending reminders to your patients


We aim to make it easy for our members to get the care they need. And sometimes that’s as simple as reminding them of important care they may be missing.

We recently sent letters to our members who are missing preventive screenings or who are living with diabetes and appear to be missing tests, medicine or doctor’s visits that are critical to the effective management of their disease.

You may be hearing from your patients to schedule the following:

Preventive care screenings Diabetes management screenings

Annual physical

HbA1c blood test

Annual flu shot

Urine protein test

Breast cancer screening (mammogram)

Diabetic eye exam

Cervical cancer screening (Pap test)

Blood pressure reading

Colon cancer screening (Colonoscopy, flexible or stool test (FIT))

Statin medication discussion

Please note: We cover Cologuard as a preventive service, but preauthorization will be required for your patients with commercial plans, including employer and individual policies.