In-home health assessments started in July

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In-home health assessments started in July


ConnectiCare began sending invitations in July to some of our members to receive in-home health assessments by nurse practitioners. 

In-home assessments are offered to ConnectiCare members whose histories suggest that they may benefit from greater support or attention to medical care. Visits typically last 45 minutes to an hour. The nurse practitioner reviews the member's medical history and health, prescriptions and any needs for support or services.

Members can take as much time as they need to ask the nurse practitioners as many questions as they like. Reports on the visits are sent to members' primary care doctors. 

Invitations from ConnectiCare are being sent out by a company called ComplexCare Solutions, which schedules and performs the visits. The letter with the invitation has a phone number where members can call to schedule a visit. ComplexCare Solutions representatives will also follow up each invitation with a personal phone call. 

If you have a patient who receives a letter and has questions, he or she can use the phone numbers included in the letter to call ComplexCare Solutions or ConnectiCare. The in-home assessments are optional, and the results do not affect the members' health care coverage. They are simply another way that ConnectiCare tries to make sure our members are getting the care they need.