How we're trying to improve medication adherence

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How we're trying to improve medication adherence


Express Scripts, our pharmacy benefits manager, is helping identify members who may not be taking their medication as prescribed and contacting them by mail or by phone to offer help, such as:

  • Switching to less-expensive drugs or generics
  • Syncing refills so a member can pick up all refills at the same time
  • Prescribing 90-day supplies to minimize trips to the pharmacy
  • Providing information on available financial help
  • Enrolling members in refill reminders, automated refills and prescription home delivery
  • Suggesting other routines to help members remember to take their medicines

Express Scripts pharmacists and staff are trained in how talk to members who may be risking their own or their children's health by not taking their medications as directed. Members who have questions can always call Express Scripts for answers and support.

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