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Communication between PCPs and ophthalmologist key to patients getting their annual diabetic retinopathy exams


Early detection and treatment of diabetic retinopathy can help prevent blindness. Annual diabetic eye exams can help detect the disease. Primary care providers (PCPs) should regularly refer their diabetic patients to eye doctors or ophthalmologists for these exams.

Note that studies have shown communication between PCPs and ophthalmologists should go beyond the referral. Sharing of information between doctors will help each gain a better understanding of the “patients’ disease manifestations, adherence to therapy, and treatment plan,” according to an article published in Retina Today.1

That information exchange may help you to increase patients’ adherence rates for getting their annual diabetic eye exams. Check out the article from Retina Today for more details.

1 Storey P, Haller J. The Significance of Physician Communication in the Care of Patients with Diabetes. Retina Today. September 2016. (last accessed 18 Oct. 2019).