Eligibility for Medicare Special Needs Plans

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Eligibility for Medicare Special Needs Plans in Connecticut

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Am I Eligible for a Medicare
Special Needs Plan?

ConnectiCare offers two Dual Special Needs Medicare plans. Both have $0 monthly premiums and $0 copays for doctor office visits, hospital care, emergency and urgent care, prescriptions, and more.

Plus they include valuable extra benefits not covered by Medicare, like dental services, eyewear, hearing aids, over-the-counter items, and the SilverSneakers® fitness program.

Let’s find out if you’re eligible to enroll in a ConnectiCare Dual Special Needs Medicare Advantage Plan.

I am eligible for Medicare and enrolled in Medicaid.




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Great! This means you may qualify for two ConnectiCare Special Needs Plans:

  • ConnectiCare Choice Dual (HMO-POS D-SNP) Plan
  • ConnectiCare Choice Dual Vista (HMO-POS D-SNP) Plan

Members of ConnectiCare's Dual Special Needs Plans can register for our Member Rewards Program to earn gift card rewards for getting their annual physical exam, preventive screenings, and more. They also enjoy coverage for eligible over-the-counter items and healthy food.

You could be eligible and don't even know it.

we're here to help

Call Now to Learn More

A Medicare Specialist will explain which ConnectiCare plan(s) you qualify for.

Toll-free: 877-224-8221 (TTY: 711)

From Oct. 1 through March 31: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week. From April 1 through Sept. 30: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Last Update: 10/01/2023