Is It Free for Me?

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Is It Free for Me?

ConnectiCare, like other health plans, encourages our members to get preventive care, like annual checkups, cancer screenings and immunizations, like the flu shot. And we pay all the costs for them.


Preventive care and screenings can help catch health issues early. For many of those services, you do not have a copay or do not have to pay money toward your deductible or coinsurance. That’s why we say they’re “free.”*

A free service, though, can lead to other tests or treatments that aren’t free. Here are some examples of situations that our members encounter and don’t always understand they may have to pay some of the costs.

Pre-checkup bloodwork
You have an appointment for your annual (free) physical. Your doctor sends you orders for lab work to get before your appointment.

Follow-up tests
You go to the doctor for your annual (free) physical. You tell your doctor that something is bothering you. Your doctor orders a follow-up service, like a lab test, an x-ray, an MRI or an EKG.

Extra time or services
Your doctor spends extra time at your annual (free) physical talking to you about ways to manage a health condition or giving you advice on programs to reduce your weight.

In each example, you may be charged for tests, lab work or consultations. How much depends on the service and on what your health plan says you pay for it.

Why Preventive Care Is Important

Breast and colon cancer, prediabetes, high blood pressure, depression, and more – these are conditions that are often treatable, sometimes preventable. Regular health exams and screenings are designed to help detect them early.

At your preventive care exam, your doctor will also talk to you about lifestyle changes, including nutrition and exercise, may help improve your health and prevent disease.  

Ways To Know What’s Free and What You’ll Pay For

  • Read your health plan documents. They explain your out-of-pocket costs. You can find your plan documents by signing in to
  • Ask your doctor or doctor’s staff if you may be charged for any services. Don’t be shy! You’re a customer. If a doctor is ordering a test, for example, ask why.
  • Contact us or visit a ConnectiCare center – we can verify what’s free and what’s not. We can also give you some tips for saving on costs while staying healthy.


*“Free” preventive care means that you will not have a copay or have to pay money toward your deductible or coinsurance for the services. Sometimes a preventive care visit leads to other medical care or tests, even at the same appointment. You should check with your doctor or doctor’s staff during your visit to see if there are services you may be billed for. Your membership agreement has a list of covered preventive services, including age and gender requirements and frequency limitation rules. To see your membership agreement, log into