Don’t Spend More Than You Have to on Health Care

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Don’t Spend More Than You Have to on Health Care

Did you know that different doctors, hospitals and other facilities can charge different prices for tests and procedures?


Here’s an example: Alissa’s primary care provider (PCP) recommended that she have an echocardiogram—a test used for diagnosing or monitoring heart disease. By using the Treatment Cost Calculator on, Alissa found that the test’s total cost can range from $474 to $1,509.*

Total Cost
Doctor’s Office $474
Ambulatory Surgical Center $1,509

By doing just a little homework, Alissa can save herself more than $1,000.

You may be able to save yourself some money while getting the care you need, too. The Treatment Cost Calculator will even estimate your share of the costs based on plan type and where you are with your deducible for the current plan year.

*Costs may vary from the treatment cost calculator amount, depending on your location or provider.