4 Ways To Shake Off Stress

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4 Ways To Shake Off Stress

Your health can suffer if your stress levels are chronically high. Here are four common stressors and ways you can try to manage them.


1. Me Time

Some people make time for everyone but themselves. They manage to get everything done for others but make no time for their own needs. Work and family demands from the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak may have made “me time” even harder to fit in. If this sounds like you, take some steps to help prevent burnout. 

Try this: Prioritize events and tasks that are most important to you. Check your calendar, make a list, and learn how to say ‘no’ when you have reached your limit. Forgive yourself for not “doing it all” when you’re juggling a lot.

2. Finances

An employee financial wellness survey fielded by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in January 2020 showed that 58% of those surveyed said they are stressed about their finances. And of those, 50% said that money was “a major distraction at work.” (This survey was before the COVID-19 outbreak.)

Try this: Sit down, set a budget, and stick to it. Be realistic about how much money you make and how much money you spend. Identify places to cut back if you need to. 

3. Pursuit of Perfection

We sometimes place unrealistic expectations on ourselves. We want to do more, do better, do it all. These perfectionist tendencies could be a recipe for disaster.

Try this: Set realistic expectations for yourself and be flexible in your approach. Use mindfulness exercises, like guided breathing or meditation, to help you stay in the present moment. Try yoga! Yoga in our City, presented by ConnectiCare, offers free yoga classes in parks in four cities into October. See the schedule

4. Running on Empty

Listen to your body. If you get sick frequently or often feel tired and without energy, stress may be taking over.

Try this: A healthy diet, high in fruits and veggies, provides the nourishment your immune system needs to fight off illness. Regular exercise lowers your stress levels. And get enough sleep! Sleeping at least 7 hours provides our bodies with time to rest and repair.

Ask for Help if You Need It.

Reach out to a friend, family member or coworker to share what you are feeling and get support. Need even more help? Use these national hotlines:

ConnectiCare members can get support using their behavioral health benefit through Optum. In-person and virtual visits are available to you (check your plan’s benefit summary for information on what your share of costs will be). Call 1-888-946-4658 or visit liveandworkwell.com with online access code “connecticare.” 


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