It’s a Leap Year! How to Enjoy Your Extra Day

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It’s a Leap Year! How to Enjoy Your Extra Day

Every four years, we’re gifted an extra 24 hours. Do you have any leap day plans for February 29? Here are a few ideas for how to spend your bonus day.


Give back

Use the extra time to spread kindness in your community. Start a pay-it-forward chain at a coffee shop. Pay for a stranger’s meal at a restaurant. Pass out flowers in a parking lot. Or find your own way to make people smile. There are countless ways to do good close to home. Look for volunteer opportunities at local organizations.

Go exploring

If the weather’s right, take a hike at one of Connecticut’s 125+ state parks or forests. It’s a great way to get some fresh air and exercise while seeing this beautiful state. Besides exercise, there are other benefits of getting outside.

If the weather doesn’t agree, visit one of CT’s many museums or art galleries. There are plenty of unique places to go, like the New England Carousel Museum or PEZ Visitor Center.


Since this leap day is a Saturday, it’s easier to gather friends and family. Bring everyone together for a potluck. Have a contest to see who can give their dish or snack the silliest leap year-themed name, like “hop tarts” or “jump-o shrimp!”

Do something for yourself

Use the extra time to treat yourself to a spa day, crack open a new book, go to the movies, or do whatever it is that brings you joy. And there’s no rule that says self-care has to be done alone. Encourage others to join you for a group care day.