Go To The Doctor Every Year (Even if You Feel Fine)!

It doesn’t matter how old you are, the best way to stay healthy and active is to take care of yourself today.

annual physical

That means going to the doctor at least once a year and taking advantage of the preventive care that comes with your health plan.

Most Medicare plans cover both an annual physical and an annual wellness visit (AWV) (check your plan documents to see what’s covered). These screenings can help find problems sooner, when they’re easier to treat.

  • An annual wellness visit is a no-touch exam. The provider will ask about your health and any risks to it. Together you’ll work on a plan to keep you healthy.
  • Your annual physical is a head-to-toe exam that may include lab tests, shots and more.

These two exams can happen on the same day, by the way.

Why a relationship with your doctor matters

There are big benefits to having a primary care provider (PCP) and going in for routine exams:

  1. You get to know the doctor. And he or she gets to know you and your medical history.
  2. It builds trust.
  3. You’re more likely to have an honest conversation with someone you feel comfortable with.
  4. Together you’ll work on a plan to help you improve your health and prevent disease. That includes telling you which preventive screenings you’re due for.

Talk to your doctor ask awayDon’t be shy. Whenever you see your doctor, take full advantage of the time you have together. Bring a list of your questions and concerns, and talk them through, even if a topic seems embarrassing. You’re doctor has heard it all. And, remember, if you don’t bring up a concern, your doctor can’t help you with it.


Here’s a checklist of things to talk to your doctor about to bring to your checkup. Schedule your annual visit today!



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