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For ConnectiCare HMO-POS Medicare Advantage plans, you are eligible to enroll if:

  • You qualify for Medicare Part A;
  • You are enrolled in and continue to pay Medicare Part B; and
  • You reside in ConnectiCare's service area (entire state of Connecticut).


To join and remain eligible for a ConnectiCare Choice Dual (HMO-POS D-SNP) plan, you must be:

  • Entitled to Medicare Part A;
  • Enrolled in Medicare Part B;
  • Enrolled in the Connecticut Medicaid Program (HUSKY) or eligible for Medicare cost-sharing; and
  • Living in our service area – the entire state of Connecticut.

ConnectiCare offers a variety of Medicare Advantage plans to meet the different needs of many individuals. So there's sure to be a ConnectiCare plan that’s right for you. 

Initial Coverage Election Period

You can enroll when you first become eligible for Medicare (three months before the month you turn age 65 until three months after the month you turn age 65). If you did not elect Medicare Part B when you were first eligible, you can still enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. You will have a three-month period to enroll, which begins three months before your Medicare Part B effective date. You will not be able to enroll after your Medicare Part B effective date.

If you receive Medicare benefits due to a disability, you can join from three months before to three months after your 25th month of disability.

Annual Election Period for 2024 Coverage: October 15, 2023 – December 7, 2023

If you are eligible for Medicare, you can enroll in or switch plans during the Annual Election Period. For example, you can switch from Original Medicare to a Medicare Advantage plan (like a ConnectiCare Medicare Advantage Plan). Your coverage will be effective on January 1.

Special Enrollment Period for D-SNP plans

If you are eligible, you can also join a D-SNP plan or switch to another D-SNP plan, like ConnectiCare Choice Dual (HMO D-SNP), just once during each of the first three calendar quarters of the year:

  • January – March
  • April – June
  • July – September

Your coverage will be effective on the first day of the following month.

Special Enrollment Period for all Medicare Advantage plans:

In certain situations, you may be able to join, switch or drop a Medicare Advantage plan at other times during the year. Some of these situations include, if:

  • You move out of your plan's service area.
  • You have both Medicare and Medicaid.
  • You qualify for Extra Help paying for your Part D prescription drugs.
  • You live in an institution (such as a nursing home).
  • You lose your employer coverage.

For more information on enrollment periods, please contact us.

How to enroll in a ConnectiCare Medicare Advantage plan will depend on which one you’re choosing.

You can use our convenient find a doctor search tool, located right on this website. This online directory is updated daily so you’ll get the most up-to-date information.

Yes. It's important to know that your health plan will be there for you if you have a medical emergency or urgent care situation, especially when you travel. All our plans include coverage for emergency and urgent care.

  • With ConnectiCare HMO-POS plans, you are covered for these services worldwide.1
  • With a ConnectiCare Choice Dual (HMO-POS D-SNP) plan, you are covered for these services only within the United States.

For more information, refer to the Summary of Benefits or Evidence of Coverage. To see plan documents, click here.

1 Subject to limitations.

General Information

Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) are health plans approved by Medicare and run by private insurance companies, like ConnectiCare. They include your Part A (hospital insurance), your Part B (medical insurance) and in many cases, include extra benefits and services like routine care and wellness programs. Some even include dental coverage.

You can also get Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage from a Medicare Advantage plan. This is called a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan, or MAPD. ConnectiCare offers several MAPD plans.

Medicare Advantage plans may save you money, offer added benefits and services, and keep all of your coverage in a single health plan.

ConnectiCare Passage Plan 1 (HMO-POS)

Contact the PCP you choose, to register as a new patient and make sure to tell us the name of your PCP by logging into our secure member portal or contact us.

You can see another PCP and pay the same copay as long as the PCP accepts ConnectiCare Passage Plan 1 (HMO-POS) members.

You choose your PCP. You can change the PCP assigned to you as long as the provider is in your plan's network.  You just need to let us know.  Under your ConnectiCare Passage Plan 1 (HMO), you can change your PCP in three ways: 

Then, contact the PCP you select to register as a new patient.

You have three ways to do it under your ConnectiCare Passage Plan 1 (HMO-POS):

If you have chosen ConnectiCare Passage Plan 1 (HMO-POS), you need a PCP who accepts members of this plan. There are hundreds of PCPs who accept ConnectiCare Passage Plan 1 members. We do want to caution you: your plan will not cover visits to PCPs who don’t accept ConnectiCare Passage Plan 1 members.

Prescription Drugs

A formulary is the list of prescription drugs covered by ConnectiCare under your plan. Except in limited circumstances, your prescription drugs must be included in our formulary to be covered.

As a ConnectiCare member, you’ll have the flexibility to purchase your covered prescriptions from our extensive network of pharmacies. There are more than 25,000 participating retail pharmacies, including “standard” pharmacies and “preferred” pharmacies where you may pay less for your prescriptions.

Preferred pharmacies include, but are not limited to:

  • Costco
  • Rite Aid
  • Sam’s Club
  • ShopRite
  • Stop & Shop
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

You can also get the medications you take regularly mailed to you by Express Scripts Pharmacy, the company that manages this service for us.

We're Here for You

If not currently enrolled call 877-224-8221 (TTY: 711)

From Oct. 1 to March 31, you can call us seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. From April 1 to Sept. 30, you can call us Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Medicare members call 800-224-2273 (TTY: 711)

From Oct. 1 to March 31, you can call us seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. From April 1 to Sept. 30, you can call us Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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