Provider Portal Updates


Here are some helpful tips:

Adding documentation to a preauthorization request: Need to provide documentation in support of an initial request for services, a concurrent review update, or a discharge plan? Simply look up the original preauthorization request, use the “Add Supporting Documentation” button, and add up to five attachments. For step-by-step instructions, see our Search and View Preauthorizations Quick Reference Guides for EmblemHealth and ConnectiCare.

PCP Member Panel Reports: This useful resource is relatively new for our ConnectiCare primary care providers (PCPs). To effectively use this report, we recommend that you check in regularly to see:

You can see the report on-screen or download it to Excel. Once in Excel, you can add your own columns to track patient visits, preventive care, immunizations, and more. Review the following to see how to view the PCP Member Panel Report: