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Basic Navigation

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Basic Navigation

  • Basic Navigation

    An overview of the features and functionalites of the updated Provider Portal.


Login & Registration

  • New User Registration

    The steps to register new users and retrieve a forgotten username.

  • Login and Settings

    The steps for logging in and changing settings. 

  • Consolidating Existing Accounts

    The steps to consolidate existing accounts.

  • Existing User Moving Over the First Account

    An overview of the account migration process for our portal users who are setting up their first account.

  • Registering Additional Tax IDs

    The steps to provide access to users registered in the old version of the Provider Portal and retrieve a forgotten username.

  • Forgot Username

    The steps to recover a forgotten username.

  • Forgot Password

    The steps to reset a forgotten password. 


User Management

  • Create Portal User

    The steps for creating a Portal User.

  • Manage Users Account

    An overview of how to find and edit a User’s information, user type, password, provider affiliation, etc.



  • Search and View Documents

    The steps for searching and viewing available Documents.

  • Export Report

    The steps for exporting reports that appear in the Documents tab.


Message Center

  • Search and View Messages

    The steps for searching for and viewing messages in the Message Center

  • Create Message - Specific Transaction

    The steps to create a message about a specific transaction in the Message Center.

  • Create Message – General Topic

    The steps to create a generic message in the Message Center.



  • Create Inpatient Preauthorization Request

    The steps to create a preauthorization for an inpatient facility.

  • Create Outpatient Preauthorization Request

    The steps to create a preauthorization for an outpatient facility.

  • Preauthorization Check Tool

    The steps to perform a Preauthorization Check to see if a Preauthorization is required for a member for the selected Diagnosis and Procedure Code.

  • Preauthorization Concurrent Review Status Report

    The steps to generate the Concurrent Review Status Report.

  • Preauthorization Home Health Status Report

    The steps to generate the Home Health Status Report.

  • Search and View Preauthorization

    The steps to search for and view a previously created preauthorization.


Provider, Claims, & ER Notifications

  • Claims - Search for an Explanation of Payments (EOP)

    An overview of how to search for an Explanation of Payment (EOP). 

  • Claims - Search, View, and Export

    An overview of how to Search, View, and Export Claims.

  • Update Provider Profile and Upload Documents

    An overview of how users with the Administrator/Office Manager role can request updates to a Provider's Profile in the provider portal.  

  • Search & View Provider Profile

    An overview of how to search for a provider and view their Profile.

  • ER and Newborn Notifications

    An overview of the Provider Portal – ER & Newborn Notifications (ER Notification).


Member Management