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Provider Networks and Member Benefits

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Provider Networks and Member Benefits

For plan details and complete lists of the commercial plans offered, see:

For some ConnectiCare benefit plans, members are allowed to see some providers contracted with EmblemHealth using their in-network benefits. Similarly, some EmblemHealth benefit plans let their members see certain ConnectiCare providers using their in-network benefits. The summaries linked above indicate which networks and benefit plans this reciprocity applies to.

To easily determine if you or a provider you work for is in-network for a ConnectiCare or EmblemHealth member, use the Check Provider Network Status tool in the Member Management section of the provider portal.

New in 2024: Value Network
Starting Jan. 1, 2024, ConnectiCare will launch a new tailored network called “Value” that will be offered to commercial large group and individual members who purchase health benefit plans from ConnectiCare Insurance Company, Inc. through Access Health CT.

Our Value Network features a tailored network that is a subset of our commercial Choice Network. It may be the right solution for individuals who can choose care options within a more localized area. All Value Network providers are located in Connecticut. There is no reciprocity with EmblemHealth’s networks.

ConnectiCare member ID cards will clearly indicate whether a member has selected the Value Network. Members do not need a primary care provider (PCP) and do not need referrals to see specialists in this network.

Choice Network
The benefit plans that use the Choice Network let members manage their health their way. They may use any of the doctors, hospitals, labs, and facilities in our large network covering Connecticut.

Members do not need a PCP and do not need referrals to see specialists in this network.

FlexPOS Network
The benefit plans that use the Flex Network give members the most flexibility with state, regional, and national network coverage through First Health.

First Health is the national provider network for FlexPOS benefit plans, giving members coverage where they live, work, and travel.

Members do not need a PCP and do not need referrals to see specialists in this network.

Compass Network
With plans that use the Compass Network, members can lower their out-of-pocket costs by visiting preferred PCPs and hospitals within the network. All others are designated as participating. Members can visit participating PCPs and hospitals too, but they may pay more.

PCPs, preferred and participating, can see the members assigned to them by running a PCP Member Panel report in the provider portal.

Passage Network
The plans that use the Passage Network rely on PCPs to actively manage the care of an assigned panel of members. PCPs can see the members assigned to them by running a PCP Member Panel report in the provider portal.

Referrals to specialists through the provider portal are required for certain specialty care. See Provider FAQs: Passage Plans to learn more about managing members within the Passage Network.

See: Creating Referrals using Member ID or Name for the steps to create a referral and Search Referrals by Member ID or Name for the steps to find a referral in the provider portal.


Bridge Program

ConnectiCare offers the Bridge Program to its own employees. Bridge is an innovative concept that gives our members access to a combination of our existing networks through our affiliated companies and partners. Learn more about the Bridge Program.



Plans Retired in 2024

Starting in January 2024, the following benefit plans will no longer be offered by ConnectiCare licensed under ConnectiCare Insurance Company, Inc. and ConnectiCare Company, Inc. In 2024, there will be no members with the individual and family plans listed below.


  • Choice SOLO HMO Copay/Coinsurance. $2,500 deductible.
  • Choice SOLO POS Copay/Coinsurance. $4,750 40% deductible.

Individual On Exchange through ConnectiCare Benefits, Inc.

  • Choice Gold Alternative POS with Dental

Individual On Exchange through ConnectiCare Insurance Company, Inc.*

  • FlexPOS Platinum Alternative
  • Compass EPO Gold Alternative

*All standard plans through ConnectiCare Insurance Company, Inc. are now Value plans.


Sample Member ID Cards

The following are sample member ID cards. Please note:

  • If the ID card indicates that the member has one of our Passage benefit plans, referrals may be required. See Passage Plan Specialists Needing Referrals.
  • If the ID card’s network says “Bridge” and the EmblemHealth and ConnectiCare logos are on the ID card, ConnectiCare providers in the Choice Network may see our employees who have a benefit plan with this program along with the EmblemHealth members who also have the Bridge Program.

Choice Network providers may see members with the Bridge Program. These members may also see providers in EmblemHealth’s Prime Network and National Network, in addition to the First Health and QualCare Networks.

  • If the ID card network says “Value” and the ConnectiCare logo is on the ID card, ConnectiCare providers in the Value Network may see these members.

 Help Members Maximize Their Benefits

Preferred Sites of Service

When you schedule services for your members, please be mindful that certain sites of service will be more cost effective for your members. In 2024, we will be offering new opportunities for savings.

For some benefit plans, member cost-share will be lower when rendered at a freestanding or independent location vs. hospital outpatient facility.

This symbol designates the preferred sites of service in our directories.

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