New Provider Portal is Live!


New Provider Portal is Live!

We have completed the rollout of our new provider portal. Learning how to use its new features will be the key to your success. To support you in this effort, we’ve created the following training materials and guides:


What You’ll Need

To sign in to the new portal, you will need:

  • An active, current, and unique email address.
    • You can no longer share email addresses with other users. Each portal account user must have their own email address. A unique email address is needed to set up each account’s password the first time. You will also need your email if you ever need to retrieve or reset your username and password.
  • You must assign a Provider Portal Administrator/Office Manager for your practice or organization. They will conduct important portal business on your practice’s behalf.
  • A supported web browser such as Google Chrome (recommended) or Microsoft Edge. The new portal will not work with Internet Explorer.
  • Make sure to request approval from your manager to submit preauthorizations within the new system.

We look forward to supporting you and getting your feedback in the coming months.