Check ID cards for all commercial patients at every visit


We started to issue new member ID numbers and cards to commercial members, beginning with employer-sponsored plans who enrolled or renewed on Aug. 1, 2020 and after.

We will complete roll-out of the new member ID numbers for all our commercial plans on or about Jan. 1, 2021, when we issue new ID cards to our members with individual plans, including those sold through Access Health CT.

The new ID numbers start with the letter “K” followed by a 10-digit number. View a sample here. The new commercial member ID numbers are similar to the member ID numbers of our Medicare Advantage members. But Medicare Advantage ID cards clearly note the member has a Medicare Advantage plan.

Please note, until we complete the roll-out, you may still see some commercial patients with ID numbers that start with the numeral “9.”

It’s important to check ID cards and ID numbers for all commercial patients at every visit and sign in to our provider website to verify eligibility.

Make sure to use the new ID numbers for dates of services on and after Aug. 1, 2020.