Preauthorization temporarily waived for Massachusetts hospital admissions


ConnectiCare will temporarily remove prior authorization and concurrent review requirements for all inpatient hospital admissions in Massachusetts. This temporary policy is effective immediately. We will let providers know when this policy will end.

Both in- and out-of-network hospitals in Massachusetts do not, until further notice, need to submit preauthorization requests for ConnectiCare members admitted as inpatients, and ConnectiCare will not apply its concurrent review process for inpatient admissions.

This temporary waiver covers all types of hospital inpatient admissions; it is not limited to coronavirus (COVID-19) cases.

With these actions, ConnectiCare is complying with guidelines issued by authorities in Massachusetts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. ConnectiCare reserves the right for retrospective review.

Plan notification is requested
We do ask hospitals in Massachusetts to notify us using the fax or phone numbers below, of:

  1. a patient’s hospitalization within 48 hours of admission, and
  2. when a patient has been discharged.

ConnectiCare will then process these notifications for immediate determination without delay.

  Commercial patients 
Fax: 860-674-5282
Phone: 800-562-6833




While we believe the information in this communication is accurate as of the date published, it is subject to correction or change during the rapidly evolving response to the COVID-19 outbreak.