Help diabetic patients prevent vision loss


As the American Diabetes Association notes, people with diabetes have a higher risk of blindness than those without diabetes. But with regular checkups, you can help make sure your patients avoid major eye and vision problems.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Help your patients understand the importance of the annual retinal eye exams.
  • Reach out to your patients who may be reluctant to have eye exams or may not be compliant.
  • Call our case management team at 1-800-829-0696 if you need help.
If your patients do have their eyes examined:
  • Review the ophthalmologist report and document any abnormalities.
  • Include the report in a patient’s medical record and note the date of service, practitioner’s name and credentials.
  • If a copy of the report isn’t available, document in the patient’s medical history the date of the eye exam, the result and name of practitioner (with the credentials) who conducted the exam.
An annual diabetic retinal eye exam is an important HEDIS measure. But, more importantly, it’s good medical care.