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Your customers depend on you for advice and support. Count on us to be here to help you. Use these points of contact at ConnectiCare and our distribution partners to get information, forms, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

ConnectiCare-appointed brokers can take advantage of these online services:

Large group, Medicare Advantage, and SOLO individual plans – sign into our secure broker website. You can use the website to:

  • View all accounts for which you are the agent of record. For group plans, that includes census details, billing information, group rates, and more.
  • Update enrollment information, such as names, addresses, and dependents.
  • Add or remove subscribers and dependents.
  • Change a group plan subscriber’s plan and division.
  • Order member identification (ID) cards.
  • Download important plan documents.

Note: most transactions take 24 hours to complete. You can also use the secure broker website to view transactions for an individual, a group, or your entire book of business.

Small group plans – fully-insured (ACA) plans and Fixed Funding Solutions level-funded plans

Note: Administration of fully-insured small group plans is transitioning to CBIA Service Corp. This is happening for new and renewing plans with Aug. 1, 2020 effective or renewal dates. Renewal information will include specific instructions. Brokers can continue to use the ConnectiCare broker website (sign in) for groups that haven’t renewed yet in 2020 or 2021.

Visit the following distribution partners for broker sales and client support services,  including: enrollment updates, commissions, billing, summaries of benefits and coverage, and more.

Many member forms are available on our website. You can also find forms needed for customer and member service by signing into these secure websites for brokers:

All producers must be licensed by their state insurance department and appointed to represent ConnnectiCare. Find out more about:

You can get plan information and quotes through these secure websites:

Your ConnectiCare sales representative can provide you with rates and proposals for fully-insured, level-funded, and self-funded plans. You can also contact us and a representative will get back in touch.

You have two choices in individual-and-family plans from ConnectiCare:

For help, contact ConnectiCare Broker Services at 1-800-723-2986. Or email

  • Members with plans purchased through the Connecticut health insurance exchange can contact Access Health CT to report these changes. Members are also responsible for contacting Access Health CT if they receive financial help and their income has changed.

  • SOLO plan members can sign into their accounts at and follow directions on how to make changes to their plans, including adding (or removing) a dependent, newborn, adopted child, or spouse. If you have questions, you can call Broker Services at 1-800-723-2986. Or email
  • SOLO plan members can sign into their accounts at and follow directions on how to make changes to their plans, including terminating them.
  • Members with plans purchased through the Connecticut health care exchange can contact Access Health CT to find out how to end coverage. 

Premium payments are due on or before the first of the month for which the invoice applies. Information on how to pay premiums is on all individual and group premium bills. Information on how to pay individual (Exchange, SOLO, or Medicare) premiums is also on the member section of our website.

The group should pay the amount on the invoice to ensure continued coverage. At times, enrollment changes do not appear on the next month’s invoice if they were submitted too close to the date the invoice was produced. The next month’s invoice will reflect the change, adjusted premium, and any credit (if due).  

  • Individual (Exchange and SOLO) and Medicare plan members can call Billing Services at 1-800-333-1733
  • Large group employers should contact their account managers.
  • Small group employers can contact the appropriate distribution partner:

Group size is determined by total eligible full-time employees working at least 30 hours per week.

ConnectiCare pays commissions monthly, one month in arrears, based on posted premium, for plans it administers. Payments may by check or by electronic funds transfer to a bank account of your choice.

For information on small-group commissions, contact the appropriate distribution partner:

CBIA Service Corp.
Fully-insured (ACA) plans

CBIA Health Connections
Fully-insured (ACA) plans and Fixed Funding Solutions level-funded plans

Access Health CT
Fully-insured (ACA) plans

Please sign into website to view the commissions page.

Only those who are paid the commission can automatically view the commission statements.

If you work for and are paid by an agency, the principal agent of that agency will have automatic access to online commission statements.

If you are paid directly from ConnectiCare, you can sign in and set up your profile to allow assistants access to commission statements.

Note: the above applies only to commissions paid by ConnectiCare on plans that it administers.