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SOLO/Individual Plans
Summary of Benefits and Coverage ConnectiCare® SOLO Rates HSA Administration
We offer several ConnectiCare SOLO plan options to choose from.

2018 Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Choice SOLO HMO HSA $6,200 ded.
Choice SOLO POS Coins. $2,500 ded
Choice SOLO POS Copay/Coins. $4,500 ded.
Choice SOLO POS Copay/Coins. $5,000 ded.
Choice SOLO POS HSA Coins. $3,000 ded.
Choice SOLO POS HSA Coins. $6,250 ded.
Passage SOLO HMO Copay/Coins. $6,000 ded.
Passage SOLO POS Copay/Coins. $1,500 ded.

For rates pertaining to ConnectiCare SOLO individuals who reside in Connecticut, click here.

HealthEquity (formerly First HSA) is one of the nation's leading authorities on HSA administration and can manage, administer and service your clients' accounts.
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Everyone's financial situation and health care needs are different. Because ConnectiCare SOLO is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of individuals, you can find the plan that works best for your client's unique situation. Go to Find The Plan For You to begin the conversation.

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