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Why Medicare Advantage?

To really understand the advantages of Medicare Advantage, let’s take a look at your options for Medicare Coverage.

Let’s start with Original Medicare. This includes your Part A Hospital Insurance and your Part B Medical Insurance. Original Medicare gives you good coverage, but there are deductibles to meet for both Part A and Part B. Once you meet those deductibles, Medicare generally pays 80% of the cost, leaving you with the remaining 20%.

You can add a Medicare Supplement Plan to help pay for what Original Medicare doesn’t cover. These plans may not provide any more benefits than Original Medicare, and the premiums can cost thousands of dollars each year.

If you want coverage for your prescription drugs, you’ll need to also add a Part D Prescription Drug Plan, and there is most likely a separate premium you must pay.

If you want all of this coverage, you’ll have three separate plans, three ID cards and in many cases, three different monthly premiums.

Want a simpler option? Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan!

Medicare Advantage Plans ("Medicare Part C") are health plans approved by Medicare and run by private companies like ConnectiCare. They’re an attractive option for your Medicare coverage because they may save you money, offer added benefits and services, and keep all of your coverage in a single health plan.

Medicare Advantage Plans include both your Part A Hospital Insurance, Part B Medical Insurance and, in many cases, your Part D Prescription Drug Coverage. You may also enjoy added benefits, like routine services and wellness programs.

The chart below displays your Medicare plan options at work.

Column I shows how you can add to your Original Medicare plan with a Part D Prescription Drug Plan and a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Column II shows how a Medicare Advantage Plan, which ConnectiCare offers, simplifies your Medicare coverage.

Medicare Advantage Overview

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