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Why Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) are health plans approved by Medicare and run by private insurance companies, like ConnectiCare. They include your Part A (hospital insurance), your Part B (medical insurance) and in many cases, your Part D Prescription Drug Coverage. They can also include extra benefits and services like routine care and wellness programs.

Compared to Original Medicare alone or with a Medicare Supplement plan, Medicare Advanatage plans can be a simpler option:

  • Convenience: All of your coverage from a single health plan.
  • Prescriptions: Part D Prescription Drug Coverage included in most plans. With Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans, you will need to purchase a separate Part D plan.
  • Benefits: Access to additional benefits, such as routine care and wellness programs. You can also get optional benefits like dental.
  • Financial protection: Included in all plans with the annual maximum out-of-pocket limit for covered medical expenses.
The chart below displays your Medicare plan options at work.
Column I shows how you can add to your Original Medicare plan with a Part D Prescription Drug Plan and a Medicare Supplement Plan.

Column II shows how a Medicare Advantage Plan, which ConnectiCare offers, simplifies your Medicare coverage.

Medicare Advantage Overview

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