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Worksite Wellness

Educated workers make healthy workers, and healthy workers make better workers. That's why ConnectiCare has developed a full range of Wellness programs for you and your employees.

To learn more about ConnectiCare's unique Worksite Wellness programs, check out the titles below. If you like what you see, call Teresa Athas, ConnectiCare's Worksite Wellness Representative, at (860) 674-7015 or (800) 666-1731.

Worksite Wellness Programs
Title Description
Asthma Education All employees that attend will receive helpful information needed to manage their asthma appropriately. Our educational session discusses early warning signs of asthma, current asthma medications, trigger/allergy avoidance, and asthma management.
Wellness Topics You and your employees can learn more about current health topics such as balancing work and home, heart disease - and risk, kidfit - keeping your kids moving and eating right, women's health issues, how stress affects eating habits, back care and more. These are available at times that are convenient to you and your employees, not just at lunch time.
Smoking Cessation The 'Beat the Pack' program uses behavior modification techniques to assist people in the quit process. The content of this six-week series is focused on:
  • How quitting smoking may improve your health.
  • How much money you can say for other needs.
  • How to quit!
  • Examining where to look for support in your quit efforts.
  • Provide tools that can be used in working on quitting.