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ConnectiCare - Race and Ethnicity

ConnectiCare recognizes the importance of understanding cultural differences and their impact on accessing appropriate health care services. That's why we have begun collecting data on the racial, ethnic, and cultural makeup of our members, in an effort to develop programs designed to improve the quality of health services provided to them. This information can be used to develop programs that will better meet the needs of our culturally diverse population and address potential health care disparities and improve cultural competency.

Recognizing the benefits of such programs both NCQA and CMS have already implemented requirements related to addressing the cultural needs of our members. And, as of July 2009, the State of Massachusetts requires that insurance carriers have a well defined process for collecting data on membership diversity.

To capture this information we are looking at many different means of data collection including the use of our newly revised enrollment forms. The forms have a specific section with regard to race and ethnicity that wed like to see completed by members. Completion of this data is voluntary and all information will be kept strictly confidential. The information will not be used to determine eligibility for coverage or benefits. Also, our call center has been trained to request this information upon receipt of a call from a member if our system shows that race, ethnicity and language data has not already been collected. At this time we do not plan to request this information from employers, however, we will work with those who wish to provide it.

By collecting this data it is our intent to better serve the individual needs of our membership. We expect that at some point in the future, we will look to other outlets, such as providers, to help us in obtaining this information to ensure we are best serving our members.

We will provide more information as we move toward this goal.