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SOLO/Individual Plans
Summary of Benefits and Coverage ConnectiCare® SOLO Rates
We offer several ConnectiCare SOLO plan options to choose from.

2020 Summary of Benefits and Coverage
Choice SOLO HMO HSA $6,500 ded.
Choice SOLO POS Coins. $3,000 ded.
Choice SOLO POS Copay/Coins. $4,500 30% ded.
Choice SOLO POS Copay/Coins. $4,500 40% ded.
Choice SOLO POS Copay/Coins. $5,500 ded.
Choice SOLO POS HSA Coins. $3,500 ded.
Choice SOLO POS HSA Coins. $6,250 ded.
Passage SOLO HMO Copay/Coins. $6,250 ded.
Passage SOLO POS Copay/Coins. $2,000 ded.

For rates pertaining to ConnectiCare SOLO individuals who reside in Connecticut, click here.

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Everyone's financial situation and health care needs are different. Because ConnectiCare SOLO is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of individuals, you can find the plan that works best for your client's unique situation. Go to Find The Plan For You to begin the conversation.

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SOLO Dental Benefit Summary
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