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 Admin Guide

The ConnectiCare Employer Administrative Guide can help you answer many questions regarding our health plan provisions, requirements and procedures. It provides basic information on a wide range of important administrative topics including: rules and guidelines for receiving benefits; eligibility and enrollment; terminations; billing procedures; claims and reimbursements; and grievances and appeals. Updates to the Employer Administrative Guide are made available here on the ConnectiCare Employer Web site.

Large Group Employer Handbook
Small Group Employer Handbook

 Dental Guides

The ConnectiCare Dental Plans Administrative Guides Small-Group and Large-Group will help you address questions about your ConnectiCare Dental Plans. While these guides are not intended to be all-inclusive references, they do provide basic information on important administrative topics and highlights of dental plan provisions, rules and procedures.

Click here to review ConnectiCare HIPAA Readiness. The page below was really written for the broker community audience. Employerss - HIPAA FAQ.

 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

ConnectiCare offers electronic eligibility processing to employer groups resulting in quick and accurate eligibility updates. To preview our Quick Reference Guide, click here
 Annual Max Look Back Program Flyer

The Annual Maximum Look Back Program allows your employees to access additional benefit dollars so that they can maximize their dental plan benefits.
 Massachusetts Minimum Creditable Coverage - CT Small-Group Plans

The Massachusetts Health Care Reform law requires each Massachusetts resident, eighteen years of age and older, to obtain health coverage that meets the Minimum Creditable Coverage (MCC) Standards set forth by the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector. If the health plan does not meet the MCC Standards, Massachusetts residents may be subject to a tax penalty. Attached is a reference document that identifies plans that are creditable or not creditable.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Get quick answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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