Employee Survey Results

One of our objectives is to be recognized as a “Best in Class” company in terms of financial performance, quality and member satisfaction. In April 2012 ConnectiCare conducted our seventh comprehensive employee survey to gauge employee satisfaction and commitment to ConnectiCare’s success. Action plans were developed to address employee concerns and regular status updates are available for all employees to see.

The results of the 2012 employee survey were excellent, according to the firm that helped ConnectiCare with our survey. ConnectiCare’s employee survey results are among the highest, most positive scores they have ever seen over the past 20+ years working with many different companies. Our next employee survey will be in April 2014. Some of our most positive results are listed below.

Employee Survey Questions 2012 Percent Agreed
I am committed to seeing this organization succeed.


I take responsibility for continuous improvement in all I do.


I am aware of how to bring up an issue that I feel may violate ConnectiCare's Standards of Conduct Policy.


Retention of members is very important to our business and personal success.


I am committed to deliver the results outlined in my performance plan.


I believe it is my responsibility to maintain the friendly, member focused culture we have at ConnectiCare.


I know what I need to do in my job to contribute to ConnectiCare being recognized as a "Best in Class" company.


I understand the link between what I do and ConnectiCare's goals and objectives.


ConnectiCare provides very high quality service to our members.


I know what is expected of me at work.


Please note: Employee survey results are not comparable to school grades. For an employee survey, when 75% or more of the responses are favorable the results are considered very positive / strong, and when 90% or more of the responses are favorable the results are considered extraordinary (according to the Employee Survey company that assists us with our Employee Survey).